At the market

Emigrants sell the fruits of their labor at the fruit and vegetable market, now as then.

The caregiver

An ancient work often left to women from other countries. Remarkable difference in expression between yesterday and today.

Work away from home

So many differences and so many similarities, fiftyˈyears apart: emigrants accept even the most menial jobs.

Emigrants: yesterday and today

Leaving for America and arriving to Italian shores: places and protagonists change, but history repeats itself.

Work in the factory

In drums, behind sewing machines, today as then.

Jean Michel Folon


"I dream of a suitcase, an imaginary suitcase that is actually a window whose bars have been cut to allow one to run away...because to emigrate means to free oneself and to run away to seek a better, happier world...If in addition in the logo I also conveyed some poetry I would be very happy..."

The Paolo Cresci Foundation collects important and varied documents on Italian emigrants.
By browsing our site, you can take a journey through time aboard shiploads of emigrants leaving for faraway places, experience their adventures in their new homelands, and share poignant nostalgia for the place of their birth.
If you had a relative who emigrated and would like to know something of his or her history, click here and you can browse our database.

Featured News

POSTER MAY 10, 2023

The origins of the memory of Blessed Orsucci in the context of Lucchese religious emigration

Lucca, Palazzo Ducale, Sala Antica Armeria, Wednesday, May 10, 4 p.m. Study seminar as part of "Thesaurum Fidei" in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Lucca Speakers:...
America in Argentina

The "America" Exhibition in Cordoba.

After intensive work by our compatriots in Argentina, on April 14 an inauguration will be held in the city of Cordoba by the Tuscan Association of Cordoba and...
Italians in the World Report March 17_0


Program 10 a.m. Institutional greetings 10.15 a.m. Delfina Licata Curator of the Italians in the World Report of the Migrantes Foundation Presentation of the Italians in the World Report 2022...

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