The Foundation's Library consists of volumes and journals collected by Paolo Cresci, the Florentine researcher to whom we owe the collection of documents that form the core of the Foundation's archives, and other books received as gifts or purchased by the Foundation subsequently.
The volumes have as their subject the history of emigration, and among them are rare and currently hard-to-find specimens because they are out of print or because they were produced for events that are now remot.
The books date mainly from the early 20th century, and among them many were published outside Italy.
The library also holds fiction, travel and memoir texts, always related to the theme of emigration.

There are numerous journals that Paolo Cresci collected in his important work of research and documentation gathering. Some of these, all of which deal with the theme of emigration, have been published abroad.
Among the many titles are: Italica gens, Rivista d'Italia e d'America, Italiani nel mondo, La vita italiana all'estero, L'Italia all'estero, Le vie d'Italia e del mondo, Bollettino dell'emigrazione, Caras y Caretas di Buenos Aires and Il Carroccio di New York.

The library of the Paolo Cresci Foundation is open from the Tuesday through Friday by appointment.
Books and journals can only be consulted at the venue.
Bibliographic research on the topic of emigration is conducted upon request.

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