No. 5 January-June 2011

Elsewhere - Journal of History and Interculture - online

Publisher: Paolo Cresci Foundation for the History of Italian Emigration, Carrara Courtyard, no. 1, Ducal Palace, Lucca

Editor-in-Chief: Pietro Luigi Biagioni

Authorization of the Court of Lucca No. 900 - Periodicals Register dated 08.08.09

This issue contains the following contributions:

  • Peter Louis Biagioni
  • Serena Mattei
    The Italian "homeland" that was born on the Ocean 
    Great emigration and homeland in Edmondo De Amicis
  • Elisa Falleni, Sara Guerrini
    Italian emigration as an expansion of the Italian nation 
    The example of Friulian migration to Argentina at the end of the 19th century
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  • Stefano Petroni
    A great forgotten epic 
    (19th-20th cent.) 
    Italian pioneers in American agriculture
    Reflections on a study by Giuseppe Frediani and other sources
  • Elisa Lucchesi
    Crusades: from a historical phenomenon of armed mobility to a cultural archetype 
    Teaching notes between studying the past and reading the present