Initiatives carried out in 2005

Book presentation "Dreams and Bassoons.". The initiative was carried out in agreement with the publishing house Rizzoli. The volume was edited by G.A. Stella M.R. Ostuni.

Realization of the "Paolo Cresci Museum for the History of Italian Emigration"

With the creation of the Paolo Cresci Museum for the History of Italian Emigration set up on the ground floor of the Foundation, a new phase has opened in the activities of the facility, which can finally offer scholars and visitors a decent and adequate image to represent the importance and richness of the Foundation's Archives.

The museum's public and critical success is comforting and bodes well for future developments.

The museum as set up is aimed at a very heterogeneous audience, that is, a target audience of middle school students and scholars; the "classic" exhibition itinerary (the departure, the journey, the arrival, etc.) is easy and intuitive to understand even for the uninitiated, and the texts have been edited in such a way as to be easy to read and accessible.