Initiatives carried out in 2003

"Many homelands one homeland," documentary exhibition held in the halls of the Vittoriano. Under the patronage of the Minister for Italians in the World, the "Paolo Cresci Foundation for the History of Italian Emigration" presented for the first time, on a national level, some of the most significant documents that make up its vast archive.

Presentation of the video interview "Arturo Paoli: an emigrant of the spirit", produced by the Foundation in collaboration with Noi Tv, as part of the 1st Lucchese Solidarity Forum in the World.

Two days dedicated to Polda Barsottini, mother of Plaza de Mayo.

Public meeting for the creation of a film document in the presence of Italian-Argentinean director Marco Bechis and several journalists and screening of the film "Hijos" by Marco Bechis. The following day Polda's return to her hometown Levigliani and presentation of honorary citizenship

"When the Tuscans Discovered La Merica.", an exhibition organized by the Foundation as part of the Tuscany Region project "Tuscany and the Americas," coordinated by the Province of Lucca, under the patronage of the National Committee of the Fifth Centenary of Amerigo Vespucci's voyage.

Interviews in Argentina and Brazil, respectively titled "Two Worlds One Story" e "Italian Presence in Brazil.", coordinated by Dora Salas and Bruno Pedro Giovannetti.