Accomplished initiatives

Development of ongoing projects

Italian Emigration Museum online

Project implemented in 2011, during 2012 it was enhanced in the following areas:

English and Spanish realization of the Virtual Tour

Realization Item "Personality of the Month" involving the presentation, accompanied by pictures, of a character related to the history of emigration

Online posting of short clips from interviews with Italian emigrants and immigrants

Enrichment of existing entries with additional insights into various topics

Museum Didactics

Development of museum education activities with schools in the Lucca area.

Workshops and guided tours

Elsewhere. Journal of history and interculture.

Publication of the two semi-annual issues online

Series "The Foundation Notebooks"

Supporting and publishing research on the history of Lucchese emigration through Italian and Scottish sources on the history of Barga emigration to Scotland.

The book "The Way to Scotland. Emigration from Barga and Lucca to Glasgow in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries" was presented at the Italian Cultural Institute in Edinburgh last May.

Publication of the "Bulletin of Italian Emigration"

As part of this project was the computerization of the index created by Francesco Cordasco already available on the Foundation's website.

Soon it will be possible to consult online the pages of the Bulletin that was published from 1902 to 1927, a total of 332 issues

Currently, pages relating to about 60% of the total have been digitized. Arrangements have been made with the C.S.E.R. in Rome to access their database of publications in their possession that have already been digitized and, through an exchange of work performance, complete the work

New projects

Gemma Gabrielli Rosi Donation.

Following the passing of Prof. Carlo Gabrielli Rosi, the heirs decided to donate to the Popular Traditions Center and through it to the Paolo Cresci Foundation, the collection of ethnographic objects patiently collected over many years, restored, catalogued and set up in a small private museum in the house in Bagni di Lucca.

Said objects are representative of the agricultural and village realities of the Middle Serchio Valley and date from the 19th century to the 1950s.

A project is being studied to set up an exhibition space that is not intended to give an exhaustive representation of the peasant and traditional world as much as to constitute a point of reference to the various ethnographic realities present in the territory. A sort of laboratory to start the journey on folk traditions of which the province of Lucca still maintains important testimonies.

Astor Piazzola

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Garfagnana-born musician's passing, the Foundation participated in organizing the Piazzola Tribute Concert "Our Tango" during which the Q 5 Tango Quintet musical group performed.


Digitization of paper documents with contribution of CIP funding

Document filing.

The archival holdings of the Foundation have been notified by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities.

History in the Square

The Foundation participated in the important event organized in Genoa by CISEI (Centro Internazionale Studi Emigrazione Italiana) during which the most important institutions dealing with Italian emigration met

White Night

The Foundation participated in the initiative promoted by the City of Lucca on August 25.

For the occasion, the Museum remained open in the evening hours as well, and for the occasion the Gallicano Theater Company "La Ribalta" presented readings of memoirs and letters by emigrants from Lucca.

Collaboration with the Center for Folk Traditions

The Foundation arranged for the supplementary service for the summer opening of the " Don Luigi Pellegrini" Museum in San Pellegrino by hiring two temporary employees

He oversaw the administrative part of the XXXIV National Review of Popular Theater. The May Tradition

He also served as the Director of the San Pellegrino Museum.


The Foundation actively collaborates in publishing works in which images of emigration are presented.

In 2012, the Foundation contributed images for:

the exhibition organized in Genoa on the occasion of the "History in the Square" event,

for the American television production "The Italian Americans."

for the Australian journal Cultural Studies Review,

For the publication of "The Notebook of the Unification of Italy" edited by Ernesto Galli della Loggia

For the Accademia della Crusca,

For the Archival Superintendence of Tuscany,

For the volume "GIOVANNI PASCOLI. Life, Images, Portraits" (Grafiche Step editore, Parma 2012) by Gianfranco Miro, Gori Rosita Boschetti and Umberto Sereni,

for musician Lebotti

The Foundation contributed to an episode of the TV program "Sereno Variabile" in which emigrants contacted by the Foundation were interviewed and Astor Piazzolla was discussed