Accomplished initiatives

ALONG THE SCENE OF A HELL. stories of yesterday, stories of today, of men and women, MIGRANTS

With a highly scenic setting, Province of Lucca and Paolo Cresci Foundation recount important pages of Italy's history

There is something poetic and poignant, there is nostalgia and hope, the dream of the journey and the destination, as well as the pain of detachment in the frothy white trace that leaves the wake of a propeller. And these are the suggestions created in Lungo la scia di un'elica, the exhibition on the migration of yesterday and today, organized by the Province of Lucca and the Paolo Cresci Foundation, under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic, set up at Palazzo Ducale (Lucca, p.zza Napoleone 1) from Feb. 5 to May 1, 2011, then extended until Sept. 18, with free admission.


On September 17, 2011, "The online museum of Italian emigration on line" (www.museoemigrazioneitalianaonline.org), a multimedia hypertext illustrating with images, documents, texts, films, music, and oral testimonies the history of Italian emigration from the 19th century to the present day.

The web-only initiative is aimed at all web users interested in migration issues: from the merely curious to the emigrant who would like information about "his" history, from insiders to scholars.

The texts are in three languages: Italian, English, and Spanish.

OTHERWISE Online journal of history and interculturalism

The journal, published semi-annually on the website of the Paolo Cresci Foundation, deals specifically with historical issues that privilege the comparison and exchange between cultures, the mobility of people, and the comparative dimension of historical phenomena.

Production of small catalogs

In order to meet the many requests for agile and inexpensive tools to further the visit to the Museum, reduced versions of the 56-page catalog with color images were produced in both Italian and English.