Initiatives carried out in 2004

Visit of Minister for Italians Abroad Mirko Tremaglia

"Arandora Star - the forgotten tragedy."

Documentary exhibition held on the warship Arandora Star, which carried Italian emigrants in England to an internment camp in Canada and was sunk by a German U-boat off the coast of Ireland on July 2, 1940.

"Arandora Star - the forgotten tragedy."

Day event to view the film made by NOI TV in collaboration with the Foundation, in the presence of the British Consul.

"A Thread Between Two Worlds - Educational Pathways on the History of Emigration", Maria Pacini Fazzi Editore, volume presentation by Umberto Baldocchi, Marinella Mazzanti and Maria Rosaria Ostuni. In collaboration with SISS of Pisa

Inauguration of the Emigration tree, a large fir tree decorated with gifts donated by emigrant associations from around the world, set up in the Cortile degli Svizzeri in the Ducal Palace.

"Wishes from us who are far away...Christmas through the experience of emigration."

Documentary exhibition held as part of the events of "The Emigration Tree. Christmas paths between emigration and immigration".