Andrea Guglielmi

I was born in Vallebona (IM) on 12/10/1960, to Eraldo (former municipal clerk and farmer-floriculturist by passion) and Caterina Guglielmi (farmer-floriculturist daughter of Florindo, carpenter of the village). Vallebona is located 4 kilometers from Bordighera at 149 meters above sea level. From some ancient documents it seems that the village was founded by brothers from Lucca in the 12th century. I attended elementary school in Vallebona and middle school in Vallecrosia (Andrea Doria) where my father worked for the municipality there since there was no such school in Vallebona. After middle school I attended the State Professional Institute for Agriculture Domenico Aicardi in San Remo, I liked to study floriculture but my soul was always closer to literary subjects and especially archaeology. After finishing school I worked for a year as a gardener at the City of Bordighera, later, after a course from the Liguria Region, I worked from 1982 to 1990 at a well-known agricultural trade association. At the age of 15 I became interested in Eastern philosophies and started writing poetry to express my personal feelings. At the age of 18 I read the Bhagavad gita and the book of Krishna, but the decisive and culminating encounter for my philosophical education occurred in 1989 with a Tibetan Buddhist master. Together with some friends we founded the Kalachakra Study Center and the Gnosis Center of the Theosophical Society. In 1982 I married Graziella, who in 1984 gave me my only daughter Selene. Before leaving Italy I decided to learn the Mikao Usui system of healing better known as Reiki. In 1990, after much painful family reflection, the decision was made to make a change of scenery and move to Mexico and specifically to Torreón, in the state of Coahuila. First the formation of an import-export company after the failure of an agricultural project, then various projects that never came to fruition and the beginning of private Italian language lessons. Thanks to some people interested in Reiki I began giving treatments and meeting interesting people from various countries especially Mexicans. In 1993 I separated from Graziella to move to Cuernavaca, capital of the state of Morelos,where I still live. At first I was giving Reiki sessions in a private clinic at the same time that I was giving Italian lessons. In May 1994 the marriage with Lupita (officially Guadalupe). In 1994, the meeting with Maria Beatrice and Maria José of Savoy, with the former I had contact through philosophical affinities and with the latter imparting sympathetic Spanish language lessons as occupational therapy. After a short break in the flower business (about a year and a half) the decision was made to devote myself totally to teaching Italian language and culture although I never completely abandoned Reiki sessions at the petition of some friends and acquaintances. I currently teach classes at Universidad La Salle, New Lingua Language Institute as well as private lessons, after a few years at the Anglo-American Institute and a year at the detached section of the Italian Cultural Institute.