A small wooden street

A little wooden way: The Dalle Mura family

Baldassare, was born in Camiore. One day in 1890, he decided to emigrate to Argentina ijn the company of his family, his wife and five small children, all boys.

Santina, the wife, does not like the place where they arrived one cold morning dil July. Only there were trees, only trees. They said here it lacks vegetables, fruit, and the sky is too low! They were missing the mountains, our mountains. The land is dry... Life was hard in that place northeast of the city of Cordoba. Baldassare has the idea of cutting trees, sawing wood to make bricks, wooden pear. It could have been an idea to build some streets in Buenos Aires, at that time of land. Pero the distance was long, about 1000 km. With the help of the people "the gauchos" make a railroad, which was going to Buenos Aires. The plant grew and as time went on, another family from Camaiore arrived: the Whites, and they made another plant to saw wood, on the opposite side, across the railroad.

As time passes, it begins to become a small town and they call it Arroyito (small river). Current name of this town.

The two families grow up, united in friendship, marrying off the children of one, with the children of the other.

When Baldassare's youngest son, Baldassare, turned 20, his dad sent him to Camaiore to be drafted. Not only do the draft for himself, also for his older brothers who were five.

Lysander, arrives in Camaiore and explains to the authorities, his desire to have the draft done for everyone. To which they reply that it is not necessary. Only he has to do it.

After the draft was over, he returned to Argentina, to Cordoba, Arroyito. No one was expecting him. He was five years away....

His dad, delighted, thanked the authorities in Camaiore, sending two large "containers" filled with wooden bricks!

With these bricks, two streets are made in Camaiore, which in actuality bear the name : Via dalle Mura.

These two families, were the founders of the city Arroyito, were recognized by the Lucca Chamber of Commerce with the award called to "Italians who have honored Italy around the world."

This family honored Cordoba with important positions in government and the University.

At the sur of Argentina, in Comodoro Rivadavia, in 1987, was put the name Jose B. Dalle Mura, to an important downtown street.

A few years ago, thanks to the Tuscany Region, two Dalle Mura sisters, Olinda and Delia were able to learn about the town of her ancestors: Camaiore (LU). 

Elena Tori Rubiano