"Mr. Wonderland"

Bolognana, Aug. 2

"Mr. Wonderland"
by Valerio Ciriaci

An AwenFilms Production

Bolognana (Municipality of Gallicano, Lucca), Aug. 2, 2022
9 p.m.
Church Park

David Saisi - Mayor of the City of Gallicano
Catia Poli - President Paesana Bolognana Association
Pietro Luigi Biagioni - Director of the Paolo Cresci Foundation
Luca Peretti - Author, documentary producer and university researcher

During the evening the novel, dedicated to emigration, will be presented,
Mommy Look, by Marcello Mazzanti

At the end, it will be possible to taste "ciaccine," sweet pastries with which Zeffirino Poli, a native of Bolognana, began to build his fortune