Nos. 19-20 January-December 2018

Elsewhere - Journal of History and Interculture - online

Publisher: Paolo Cresci Foundation for the History of Italian Emigration, Carrara Courtyard, no. 1, Ducal Palace, Lucca

Editor-in-Chief: Pietro Luigi Biagioni

Authorization of the Court of Lucca No. 900 - Periodicals Register dated 08.08.09


This issue contains the following contributions:

Umberto Baldocchi, Pietro Luigi Biagioni


Adriana Marcolini 

On the Ocean By Edmondo De Amicis, or migration reread and rediscovered through the prism of the literary work

Antonio De Ruggiero

"On This Side of the Ocean"

The Italian and Tuscan collectivity in Rio Grande do Sul in the historical novel by Garfagnana native Pietro Azzi