No. 8 July-December 2012

Elsewhere - Journal of History and Interculture - online

Publisher: Paolo Cresci Foundation for the History of Italian Emigration, Carrara Courtyard, no. 1, Ducal Palace, Lucca

Editor-in-Chief: Pietro Luigi Biagioni

Authorization of the Court of Lucca No. 900 - Periodicals Register dated 08.08.09

This issue contains the following contributions:

Romano Pesavento


Romano Pesavento, Tania Errico

A tour of Naples along the trail of integration and multiculturalism. Face to face with the historic drama of migration and poverty

 Romano Pesavento

Immigration in Rosarno, "life is war". Lights and shadows of a degraded society, atrophied by the inextricable web of the 'ndrangheta

 Romano Pesavento

Cutro - Reggio Emilia: a road more than 1,000 kilometers long. Dreams and hopes lived between the South and the North of Italy: emigrants from Cutro