No. 7 Supplement - October 2012

Elsewhere - Journal of History and Interculture - online

Publisher: Paolo Cresci Foundation for the History of Italian Emigration, Carrara Courtyard, no. 1, Ducal Palace, Lucca

Editor-in-Chief: Pietro Luigi Biagioni

Authorization of the Court of Lucca No. 900 - Periodicals Register dated 08.08.09

This issue contains the following contributions:

Graziella Tonfoni

Part 1 - New skills for the reader post-European: scholarly selections and literary adaptations poised between discontinuous compositionality and flat readability



 1. From scientific interdisciplinarity to weak interdidactics

2. Selection of classical essays, archaeology of poetic artifacts, and teaching historicization for the promotion of correct projective reasoning

3. Complex economic systems: diverse collection of open participatory models.

4. Rilecturae Romanae: Nonfiction selections and synaesthetic balances from ancient tales

5. Recentiora: extrapolations from the morphological past for ultimate lexical detachment

6. Compositio Brevis, Complicatio Lata, Oratio Orbis: phenomenology of cognitive mutation in era postdigital

7. Anthropological equalization: the repayment of public neurodegenerative debt through the recompacting of transformational lyrical indices

8. Biblio-deitic periodizations: from the round epoch, through the square epoch, to usher in the bracket epoch

9. The proclamation of the unilateral overcoming of a post-Europeanism for ideological rent.


Part 2 - Nonfiction economics: the bibliographic stabilization of consistently informative textual packages



1. Ratify constant philological credit by diversifying current investments of time

2. The time factor in the conception and composition of the nonfiction economy: the dimension of constant elsewhere in the definition of time bands and coordinates

3. Editorial procedures antispread To permanently stop speculation pseudo-editorial

4. Recapitalization of only those strings that are actually useful in positively completing the dossier 2012, for the successful conclusion of a crucial euro-year

5. Momentary Europhoria: from volatile Eurohabitability to the reorganization of established and secure Eurohabits

6. Spending review editorial vs. tweet spread journal editorial: literary considerations

For a projective "elsewhere" of coherent and cohesive poetic value

7. The spread Philosophical as an added value of historical Euro-existential certification

8. From Patchwork anthropological to varied style to the community formatting of the same name of Commutative Package Procedures-Transformational Reprint Schemata

9. European forms and new design criteria for technically grounded reviews

10. Interpretive trimming vs. textual cuts: the new dimensions of ecdotics of an elsewhere post-global

11. Textual slides for ecdotal representability of memories of re-reading paths: cards in differently aligned sequences