No. 7 January-June 2012

Elsewhere - Journal of History and Interculture - online

Publisher: Paolo Cresci Foundation for the History of Italian Emigration, Carrara Courtyard, no. 1, Ducal Palace, Lucca

Editor-in-Chief: Pietro Luigi Biagioni

Authorization of the Court of Lucca No. 900 - Periodicals Register dated 08.08.09

This issue contains the following contributions:

Graziella Tonfoni

Part 1 - Scientific theories in migration and lexical phenomena of return. Brevi ces for further reflection



1. Two volumes, a trilogy

2. Migrant science, in the singular

3. Ecological repurposing, plural


Part 2 - The complex writings of return intellectual migration; the recompacting of a heritage of scientific missives expressed in literary style




1. Reducing and overcoming an ecdotal debt of bibliographic citation.

2. Lyrical conceptual liquidity while respecting territorial diversity

3. The eschatological design of a utopian map.

4. Library bank pre-textual Italian

5. Paratextual redirection for ecological and sustainable capitalization

6. An example of stylistic mobility and movement of phrases from issues in cloud computingpoured into stretches of email streaming

7. Methods of textual economy and the practice of philology in today's post-technological reality

8. Philological cinematography and self-critical apparatus for a shared virtual paratext

9. Sensible management of "returning migrant literatures"

10. Interpretive maneuverability in multiple philological overlaps.

11. Virtual critical maneuver for a fictitious representation of the Memorabilia (Graziella Tonfoni 1979-2009)


 Part 3 - New forms of bibliographic citation: stable criteria for cataloging post-European



1. The conversion to a pan-European format of an Italian bibliography with "backward" logical connections

2. Pouring post-European of an Italian bibliography, in a reduced format, for comparative literary growth

3. Narrative prototypes and nonfiction models for an Italian literature of migrability inter-European

4. An Italian literary prototype for a portability criticism and philology intra-European

5. Preservation of bibliographic dimensions in a "stylistic elsewhere" by consulting Italian vocabularies

6. Bibliographic Economies of European Divisionism: Migrationist Rewritings of Title Lists.

7. Macro-models of cognitive classification of scattered bibliographies in euro-zone and relocation of micro-biographies to neighboring areas

8. Migration of shareable content as a path to constant recapitulation 

9. Year 2012: from the scientific abstractionism of Eurobibliography to the concrete nationalization of literary heuristic actions